Let's Get Real About Periods

menstrual cycle periods podcast Aug 22, 2023

In a world that often shies away from open conversations about menstrual cycles, our podcast episode "Periods! Let's be real". delves into this crucial topic with authenticity. Join us as we journey through personal stories, insights, and experiences, aiming to normalise period talk and illuminate the natural rhythms of our bodies.


Menstruation, a cornerstone of the female experience, has long been wrapped in stigma and secrecy. In this episode, Katelin bravely chips away at these barriers. She calls for the importance of avoiding labels and shaming, creating a safe space for all to discuss their menstrual journeys without hesitation.


As the episode unfolds, Katelin’s voice intertwines with stories that resonate with countless women. From navigating the intricacies of birth control to grappling with heavy periods, she speaks with raw honesty. The challenges of transitioning off contraception and even the amusing memory of trying a tampon for the first time are recounted. Through these narratives, Katelin forges a bond, reassuring listeners that they share a common path.


Intriguingly, the episode delves into the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). Katelin reveals the value of understanding one's body, unlocking the wisdom it holds. The exploration of various apps for tracking menstrual cycles becomes a journey toward deeper self-connection. This is an invitation to embrace the innate rhythms of our bodies, fostering a new level of awareness.


Understanding the phases of the menstrual cycle is a core aspect of Katelin's discussion. By shedding light on the hormonal shifts and emotional changes that accompany each phase, she guides listeners towards embracing their body’s natural patterns. This newfound knowledge allows for a deeper connection with oneself.


Ovulation pain, often sidelined, takes centre stage. Alongside this revelation is the importance of synchronising exercise routines with your menstrual cycle. This is an ode to listening to our bodies, acknowledging their evolving needs through the month. It’s a call to make our bodies allies, not adversaries.


As we draw this heartfelt journey to a close, remember that the podcast episode "Periods! Let's be real." encapsulates these conversations, narratives, and empowering insights. It's an invitation to delve deeper, to listen to the voices behind the words, and to continue the dialogue of openness and understanding.

Listen to the full podcast episode here and let’s continue this transformative conversation together.


You deserve to feel supported.

This blog is the view of personal opinion, please be advised to seek any further medical advice and that this information should be interpreted with caution.