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You Go Girlfriend 


Serving up sassy girl talk with a splash of charm. 

Oh Hey Girlfriend! It's time we change things up.

There is no topic off limit and we are here to remove the taboo. It's time we spoke the truth.


Each fortnight on YGG Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Real stories of transformation
  • Thought-provoking and inclusive conversations
  • A supportive friend that you can turn too. 
  • Special guest sharing their truths


Now available on Spotify, Apple & Amazon Podcast.



Now available on Spotify, Apple & Amazon Podcast.

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You’ll also get access to past episodes:

🎧 28 min listen

Episode 1: Hey Girlfriend!

🎧 59 min listen

Episode 2: 14 days hotel quarantine

🎧 36 min listen

Episode 3: Sex Education needs a revamp

🎧 27 min listen

Episode 4: Periods! Let's be real

🎧 29 min listen

Episode 5: What is confidence?

🎧 48 min listen

Episode 6: Guest Speaker: My Mum and her 333km run. 
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Meet your host behind YGG

Katelin Vincent

Host and Female Empowerment Coach

As a former educator, Katelin was tired of there being a restriction on what females should be educated about and just be real and honest because we all go through the same struggles, why not talk about it. 

I’ve gone from feeling like I was the only one feeling alone and listening to Katelin made me realise that I'm not. Knowing that I have a podcast to listen to makes me feel like I have a friend right next to me. It's so surreal. 

Lara B