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Real Talk and Relatable Education for Every Woman.

At You Go Girlfriend, we're here to cut through the noise and deliver the unfiltered education and support every woman deserves. It's time to unleash your confidence, demystify periods, and dive headfirst into sexual empowerment. Brace yourself for real talk, raw knowledge, and an unapologetic celebration of feminine power.

We're not here to sugarcoat or tiptoe around the truth – we're here to empower you with the tools and insights to navigate life's challenges, embrace your authentic self, and own your worth. No more holding back, no more playing small. It's time to rise, thrive, and conquer.

Who can you trust when seeking the truth? Look no further. You Go Girlfriend is your fearless ally, offering empowering education that cuts through the BS. We're rewriting the rules, shattering taboos, and empowering women to take charge of their lives, one confident step at a time.

Unleash Your Potential

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Before we dive into my story, let's address some burning questions you may have. I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an empowered decision.

Here are a few questions you might be asking:

🧡 How can I boost my self-confidence and feel empowered in every aspect of my life?

🧡 What can I do to navigate the complexities of menstrual cycles with ease and understanding?

🧡 Where can I find trustworthy and comprehensive sexual connection that celebrates my femininity?

🧡 How can I prioritise my mental health and well-being in a fast-paced world?

🧡 As a parent, how can I build a strong connection with my teenage daughter and support her journey?

🧡 How can I tap into my feminine energy and experience a deeper connection with myself?

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Time to Back Yourself! 

Hey there, welcome to the playful yet powerful universe of You Go Girlfriend! I'm here to be your guide, cheerleader, and the occasional bringer of tough love, as we embark on a journey to unlock the marvel that is you. It's not just about finding your spark; it's about turning that spark into a fireworks display of confidence, resilience, and downright fabulous communication.

Together, we're going to dive into the glittery trenches of self-discovery, dance through the challenges, and high-five our way past those pesky barriers. We'll sprinkle resilience like confetti, making sure you bounce back with more zest each time. And communication? We’ll transform it from mere chit-chat into your personal superpower – think of it as your magic lasso, helping you to draw in those dreamy opportunities and connect on a level that's deeper than just "How's the weather?"

So, let's kick off this adventure with a shimmy and a shake. We’re about to crank up the volume on your life, ensuring you not only shine but sparkle with every step. It’s time to let that inner dynamo out – because the world hasn’t seen anything yet, and we’re about to give them a dazzling show.

Unleash Your Potential


It's time that you invested in yourself.

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Brace yourself for an unfiltered conversation like no other. Our podcast is your ticket to a world where we break taboos, challenge societal norms, and dive headfirst into the conversations that are often swept under the rug.

From sex and relationships to mental health and body positivity, we fearlessly tackle the topics that need to be heard.

Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and liberated as we navigate through uncharted territories together.

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"You Go Girlfriend serves up relatable, bite sized info on all things sex ed, body image and, just being a woman! Katelin is truly changing the way we think and talk about our bodies, and transforming the lives of young women every day. She is the perfect role model for female empowerment and mentorship."

Lauren Brouwer
Women's Health & Mindset Coach

"You Go Girlfriend is the perfect way to bring in the table of subjects that you are shy to share and a few questions you think you are the only one asking. It brings an easy way to answer. Bringing fun to uncomfortable situations we have or had. For me it's really good to not feel alone in these situations and realise that is just common"

Lola owner of MYKIKI

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