How to surrender to your subconscious?

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What is your subconscious? 

From a basic understanding, its two ways that you take information. Conscious and Subconscious. 

Conscious = mind 

Subconscious = body 

Conscious is the thoughts and feelings you process through your mind that can be stemmed from your ego or your wants in a needy or negative way. 

Subconscious is the internal thoughts and feelings that stem from your truest desires and what you need in a positive calm way. 

Read this article for more insights. 

What tends to happen is that your conscious mind takes over and becomes the main voice that you hear and you take action from. This happens because people rush into their decisions and take the first response that comes up. 

Then when you have time to think about it, that's when that gut instinct comes in and you go “Wait, I shouldn’t have done or said that”. That was your subconscious telling you that you desired something more. 

It takes practice and facing your deepest truths to build the relationship with your subconscious and to be able to hear it clearly and trust it more. It’s a process, however it's better than having to constantly battle with yourself. It’s worth being honest with yourself. 

Why is it so difficult to surrender? 

Our attention span and patience has significantly decreased thanks to technology, so our desire of wants has increased with social media expectations of everything looking amazing. We always want more. The best decorations for the celebration event or the desired outfit to wow people and to get the comment on how amazing you look. We crave the need for that picturesque lifestyle. Yet, we summon our daily lives into being groundhog day and going to work just to pay the bills rather than working on something we truly need for ourselves. 

Reminder: Needs and wants are completely different. I want a new care, I need love in my life. 

We have truly forgotten what we deeply desire and need. Our appreciation for the small things has been taken over by the bigger gestures. This constant demand is putting pressure on our conscious mind to be overwhelmed with external stimulation that steer us away from our deepest desires, which is what our subconscious is trying to communicate to us. 

Here are 5 tips to help you: 

  1. Ask yourself WHY.
    Why am I feeling this way? Why did I react that way? Why did I want that? Why did I say that? 

  2. Breathe.
    When you need to take deep breathes to make a decision. If you haven’t started this at all just start with 6 deep breathes in the morning and progress after that. You will notice a significant connection more with yourself by checking in. 

  3. Meditation or journaling.
    You don’t know until you listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you. Everyone says at the beginning that it’s not for them. Thats because your conscious mind is taking over and stopping you from doing it again. Be persistent because thats how you crack the code.

  4. Alone time.
    Everyone no matter your status needs a break and time to themselves. Pure peace and quite. No music, nothing. You need to spend sometime with yourself to hear what you truly desire. Give yourself a 20 minute walk and I can guarantee you will have at least 10-15 minutes quality time with yourself. The first 5 is your conscious trying to test you. 

  5. Patience my friend.
    This is not going to happen straight away. It’s like a relationship you need to stay committed to yourself. Somedays are good and others aren't, but we don't give up. Otherwise your body will communicate with a shock and you will think ‘Why am I feeling like this?' 

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Accept yourself before you learn how to love. 

Katelin Vincent
Female Empowerment Coach


You deserve to feel supported.

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