Empowering teenage girls to thrive in their self confidence, menstrual cycle and sex education.



6 Steps to Self Confidence

Download your FREE session with Katelin of the much needed tips of boosting your confidence in 6 steps. 


Are you a parent who wants the best for your teenage daughter?

  • Do you see her craving to unleash her full potential and embrace her inner strength?

  • Does she yearn for a community of like-minded young women who uplift and support each other?

  • Is she desiring to break free from limiting beliefs and step into her authentic power?

  • Do you want to help her cultivate self-confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose?

  • Does she long to tap into her feminine energy and experience deep self-connection?

  • Do you dream of unlocking new opportunities for her and supporting her personal and professional growth?


At our platform, we understand the aspirations and dreams of teenage girls.

We provide a safe and empowering space for them to grow, connect, and thrive.

Our resources, programs, and supportive community are designed to empower teenage girls to unleash their true potential, build self-confidence, and embrace their unique voices.

Together, let's guide your daughter on a transformative journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Join us today and support her in becoming the empowered young woman she is destined to be.

What's possible for you?

Start your own journey with any of the below

Back Yourself Girl

Teenage Girl Workshop

An essential workshop for teenage girls to help them master their mindsets, connecting to themselves and building confidence to take action in today's world. 


Thrive as a Teenager

1:1 coaching

The 3 month program that helps teenage girls get the assistance they need on a personal level. This is to help families reconnect and for them to feel empowered to be a woman. 



Join the Club

Sisterhood membership

A safe community where you feel supported and know that you feel comfortable to ask those 'uncomfortable' female questions and get the right support you deserve. 


Who is Katelin?

Female Empowerment Coach | Youth Ambassador | Educator | Traveller

Working in both primary and high schools across Australia and the UK I have found my purpose which is to help young women feel confident and embrace their unique self.

There is a huge gap in the education system and no one is willing to be real, vulnerable and willing to answer those uncomfortable questions. That stops here.

I'm here to be your mentor through life and being able to overcome those obstacles that we go through being female. I'm here to give the support and to have your back in any way you would like.

You gain a friend that is want to see you grow and succeed in all aspects. I've got your back! 

You Go Girlfriend x 


Parent Support 

Family Mentor

Need some help with your family?

Find out more

Sent with Love

Vallen - Year 9

"I'm so pleased I worked with Katelin because she is very motivated towards helping young women thrive and support them in ensuring they reach their fullest potential. She was a mentor that I've never had before and what made her different was that she was so eager to make sure that I felt heard, valued and appreciated. Everyone deserves a Katelin! "

Did you know we have a podcast?

There is so many topics to talk about when it comes to being a female, sometimes we don't want to open about certain topics but they are the ones we ask for help the most. There is no topic off limit here. Tune in to be part of the relatable conversations.


Tune in

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