Are you a parent of a teenage girl that's...

  • Spending too much time on their deviceπŸ“±and not engaging in other activities.
  • Struggling with low self-esteem πŸ˜” or lack of confidence.
  • Experiencing stress or anxiety related to school πŸ« or social life. 
  • Struggling with body imageπŸͺžor self-esteem related to appearance.
  • Dealing with friendship issues or peer pressure. πŸ‘―‍♀️ 

If you've answered YES to any of these, you're going to want to register your daughter now.

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Back Yourself Girl

Our unique workshop is designed to help teenage girls (13-17yrs old) develop the skills and mindset they need to become independent, successful young women.

We know that teenage years can be difficult, but with the right support and guidance, your daughter can become a resilient woman. 

This empowering workshop will have the teenager girls learn, participate, grow and connect with themselves like never before.

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By Attending Back Yourself Girl, You'll learn: 

  • How to gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • How to handle the negative effects of social media
  • Build strong and healthy friendships
  • Successfully navigate the challenges of puberty
  • Overcome social anxiety and shyness
  • Feel connected and supported by others
  • Strategies for managing stress and anxiety
  • Improve body image and develop a positive self-esteem related to appearance
  • Overcoming challenges related to puberty and adolescence
  • Embody healthy boundaries and consent
  • Understanding their menstrual cycle and how to manage their menstrual health
  • Developing emotional intelligence and learning how to manage their emotions
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques to manage stress and anxiety
  • Developing a positive body image and a healthy self-esteem
  • Connect with like-minded girls and build a supportive network.
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Mastering your mindset

We learn how to create a qualification in mental fitness.

Connection to self

The most important person to connect to first is yourself.

Taking Action

Time to get off your phone and see the world with confidence. 

Meet Katelin Vincent

Female Empowerment Coach 

Hi, I’m Katelin Vincent, female empowerment coach and I’m the Youth Ambassador & founder of You Go Girlfriend, a platform for helping young women navigate through the immense pressures, confusion, anxiety, depression and uncertainty during their young lives. 

My mission here is to not be the expert but to be relatable. Being young female adult who has gone through the difficulties and wants to help teenager girls learn how to navigate through adversity and gain the respect that no one taught when we were younger.

I have been coaching females and teenage girls to thrive in life from a realistic perspective as we are only human and make mistakes and we are so hard on ourselves. Sometimes you just need that friend who will look at things from an outsider perspective and give you the right tips to channel your inner beauty and wisdom that I know you already had, you just needed a gentle reminder! 

What makes this workshop different?  

Back Yourself Girl is a unique and powerful workshop that goes beyond the typical offerings for teenage girls. Our program is designed specifically to ignite the potential in every young woman, helping them to build self-confidence, resilience, and essential life skills.

Unlike other workshops that may simply focus on a single aspect of personal growth or empowerment, our program takes a holistic approach that covers a wide range of important topics.

We tackle issues such as self-esteem, communication skills, social media, friendships, puberty, anxiety, body image, and more. What sets us apart is our commitment to helping each and every participant develop a strong sense of self, learn valuable life skills, and connect with like-minded girls in a safe and supportive environment.

Our experienced facilitator Katelin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, and our interactive and engaging program is tailored to meet the unique needs of every participant. 

From a realistic perspective, making the conversations relatable and helping teenage girls build tolerance for their emotions and strengthen their discipline in competence and being accountable for their actions and  providing a friend for them to trust in and know that they will be heard, seen and valued.

At Back Yourself Girl, we believe that every girl has the power to achieve great things, and our workshop is designed to help them unleash their full potential.

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